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Latest Mutual Fund Articles

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Latest Mutual Fund Articles

Mutual Fund Exchange

A financial services portal for all Canadians

Enhanced knowledge based tools specifically designed to invite participants to join always in the realm of financial services. The interactive Mutual Fund Exchange or portal aims to educate and promote Mutual Funds and financial services within Canada's Financial Market Place. Our centralized communication platform looks to engage advisors, clients and the general investing public. We look to promote investing and in particular investing in Mutual Funds with a well-trained Advisor Group Limited. Advisor.

Advice and Consulting

All Financial Products are sold. Multi-disciplined advisors and companies promote a holistic approach to financial planning for the individual that may include many readily available and important corollary services. Only cost saving and service oriented product and service offerings are approved to be dispensed with advice through the trusted advisor channel.

Consultative Sales

The time is now to train and re-train Advisors Channel Representatives on a new simple way to educate and re-educate sales people for effective financial sales. Understanding all the customer needs and being able to fulfill exacting requirements is part of a successful relationship. Fitting the customer with the appropriate products and services in a true market broker setting takes care of the customer and also the trusted advisor. Consulting is the value added approach to the positioning of products. High consistent service levels are monitored through surveys and other client and advisor centric and CRM systems. Products, services, rates and practices are presented and positioned because they have reached the highest standard, as a true independent broker always with the client needs in mind first and foremost. Our focus is on customer service our quality infrastructure allows the Dealer and Representative to focus back on the face-to-face meeting and old- fashioned customer service to grow sales at any time and in any cycle.

Financial Market Place

The Advisors Channel and small Mutual Fund Dealers throughout Canada are the fastest growing warm friendly handshakes with up to 45 Dealers on the proprietary software company "Back Office Canada" platform…Back Office has a keen interest in serving the needs of the Financial Services Professional in several broker disciplines. Complete sales and marketing plans have been prepared to follow up with up to 40 existing dealers who are currently waiting for FUNDCO presentations and proposals for Advisors keen and interested to know more. There are other identified sources of dealer interest from several retail banks one being TD Bank that leads other banks not in size but value. With retail banks accounting for more than 40% of AUM of the entire mutual fund market makes the big banks considerable in an area where customers are largely underserved.

Advisor Channel is leading the way to a more efficient mutual fund market one advisor, one client and one Fund Company at a time. The Advisor Channel recognizes that all financial products are sold and not bought; advisors dispense the products and services that the client need, expects to have along with a sense of security that comes from good ongoing advice.


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